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Back in May, I made a list of topics that I was going to write about. One of them was 'Too much rain and crops', but I never got around to writing it. However, today seems like a perfect day to come back to that subject.

To start with, I live out in the country. We have fields that one of our neighbors farms for us. He plows the fields, plants the seed, then harvests the crop in the fall.

This year, several crops were planted late. This includes corn and soy beans, the former being the one that we have. The main reason they were planted late was because there had been too much rain. Sure, rain is good for crops, it helps them grow. But if the ground is too wet, and doesn't get the chance to dry out, then you can't go out in the fields to plant in them. If you do, you'll end up tearing the field all up with the tires of the tractors and farming equipment.

The exact same goes when it comes to harvesting. We had a lot rain this fall. We couldn't go ten days without it raining again, which meant the ground never had the chance to dry out. That's why today, the second day of December, with the high of only 41º (although it feels like 30º with the wind gusting up to 31 mph), we still have soy beans in our fields.

I'm hoping that any precipitation (rain, sleet, snow) avoids us for the next week, so that the sow beans can actually get cut. Otherwise, that's a lot of soy beans gone to waste.


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